About Wales Kingdom Capital
Wales Kingdom Capital (WKC) is an investment firm to make financial comfort attainable for everyone.
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Our Core Values


Our team model is, “think like a leader”. At WKC, everyone is taught to be a leader. Our team comprises of highly motivated individuals held to the highest possible standard of responsibility and accountability.

Team Work

Working at WKC provides an environment that allows employees to bond, share ideas, and work smart. WKC operates a flat, boss-free atmosphere where smart, happy people thrive.


We are not one-way traffic. Creativity is a value and attribute we hold in high esteem. We encourage new ideas and are constantly looking for better ways to solve old problems.

Who We Are

Wales Kingdom Capital, (WKC) is a budding investment outlet in Nigeria, which started its operation on the 10th of March, 2019.


WKC was founded to solve the problem of financial struggles among millennials and the society at large, and as such, holds certain values in this regard.


During conception, WKC instituted core values that have since become the reputation that precedes the brand. These values constantly distinguish us from other outlets as we uphold them fervently.


Though still relatively young, WKC has since its foundation showed total relentlessness when it comes to achieving its goals and over time, has accrued huge success stories.


Our consistent zeal, enthusiasm, and skill give us no fear of attaining great heights in the nearest future and we urge people – millennials especially – to join us in our success story.

Real Estate

Everyone deserves a good home. We can help you find yours.


Shop for luxury, speed & quality when you shop for automobiles with us.


Our fast & excellent delivery services make us effective & reliable.


Arrive safely and be on time when you go with Wales Drive.

Our Vision

Wales Kingdom Capital as an investment firm confidently boasts of a huge base.


This facts allows us trade with no pressure and serve our investors in the best possible way, one of which is our unmatched interest rate.


We have no doubt about our growth and development as we continue to keenly pursue and lookout for innovative trends that’ll facilitate it.

Our Mission

WKC aims at providing solution to financial literacy with its investment schemes. In light of this, we have helped thousands of investors in Nigeria attain a height of success and freedom in their financial life.


Financial freedom, according to the founder of Wales Kingdom Capital, is “When your money works for you, and not you working for money”.


As we urge you to let to let your money serve you, we leave you with the words of legendary showman and businessman, PT Barnum, “Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant”

Our Values: Safety

There is truth to the axiom that there is no such thing as a completely safe and secure investment.

However, at WKC, we are close to ultimate safety for our investment funds through the hands and knowledge of our experience and versed trading personnel.

To say less, testimonies of our investors speaks for us and with this we can boldly state that there’s a diminutive chance of regret when you invest with us.

In the words of Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC), “The safety of the people (WKC Investors) shall be the highest law”.

Our Company: People

Daniel Wales


Nelson Folarin

Administrative Head

Coker Anthony

Administrative Head Asst.

Omidiji Samuel

Head Finance & Records

Uche Happiness

Finance & Records

Dafe Richards

Content Creator & Strategist

Emoekpere Josephine

Finance & Records

Dawodu Emmanuel

Creative & Visual Designer

Ogunlaja Adebimpe

Finance & Records

Abolaji Jumoke

Finance & Records

Taiwo Omotoyosi


Popoola Bukola

Head, Customer Service
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